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The DVDs, USBs, and online recordings available to purchase are of seminars or webinars about Selective Mutism presented by Dr Elizabeth Woodcock, Clinical Psychologist and Director of the Selective Mutism Clinic in Sydney. Elizabeth is co-author of the chapter ‘Treatment Programmes for Children with Selective Mutism’ in the book ‘Innovations and Advances in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy’ edited by D. Einstein (2007). Elizabeth conducts regular training seminars and webinars for teachers, parents, and health professionals on the topic of selective mutism. She has seen or supervised close to 1000 cases of Selective Mutism.

Elizabeth has worked in both private practice and the public sector, in both research and clinical settings for twenty years. She provides supervision and treatment for selective mutism as well as other childhood and adult psychological conditions. The treatment approach for Selective Mutism is largely cognitive-behaviour therapy (CBT) and uses strategies that are shown by research to be effective.

Each of the training videos provides practical and informative advice for parents, teachers, speech therapists, clinicians and support staff about how to manage children with selective mutism. All of Elizabeth’s presentations are highly practical, packed full of strategies, but are also presented in a very clear and easily understood way. The USBs will run on a PC or Mac. 

The webinar recordings can be purchased via the website via a secure payment gateway by clicking ‘Add to cart’ under the relevant product. If you would prefer to purchase the products through our head office or have an invoice sent to your school, please call reception on (02) 9438 2511 or contact us via email here.

If you are interested in any of the online webinar recordings, click through to purchase and within 24 business hours you will be sent the link to view the webinar online for a period of 4 weeks.

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