Webinar recording – Treatment for Selective Mutism in High schools (3 hrs)

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This is a 3 hour recording of a webinar provided by Elizabeth Woodcock, Clinical Psychologist and Director of the Selective Mutism Clinic. The webinar provides strategies in the high school setting for teens with selective mutism. Learn about why some teens are unable or very reluctant to talk at school, and specific strategies to apply in the high school setting as part of an intensive school program that will help the teen to reduce their anxiety and gradually build their communication with a keyworker at the school and in each of their classes. 

Topics that are covered in the webinar:

  1. What is Selective Mutism
  2. Understanding Selective Mutism as an anxiety disorder
  3. Understanding how to apply a graded approach to treat anxiety
  4. Complexities of working with teens with selective mutism
  5. Factors in the classroom or school setting that make it easier or harder for a teen to communicate
  6. How to educate all staff at a school about selective mutism
  7. Specific treatment strategies for selective mutism in high school including graded approaches to building communication with a key worker and ‘Sliding in’
  8. Common issues and questions


The webinar recording is recommended for:

  1. High school teachers and key workers who have a teen with Selective Mutism at their school
  2. School Psychologists and Learning Support staff who provide support to teens with Selective Mutism
  3. Family members of a teen who has Selective Mutism


About the presenter:

The webinar was conducted by Dr Elizabeth Woodcock, a Clinical Psychologist, who established and is the Director of the Selective Mutism Clinic in Sydney. She is co-author of the book chapter ‘Treatment Programmes for Children with Selective Mutism’ in the book ‘Innovations and Advances in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy’ edited by D. Einstein (2007). Elizabeth has worked in both private practice and the public sector, in both research and clinical settings for 20 years. Elizabeth provides treatment for children and adults with a range of clinical disorders, and regularly provides training seminars for teachers, parents, and clinicians about Selective Mutism.


Other options:

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