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    How often will we need to have sessions?

    This will vary from family to family and will be arranged with the therapist throughout the course of treatment. Treatment for selective mutism is generally lengthy (i.e., 12-24 months) so we attempt to space the sessions out to keep treatment affordable for most families. We would normally see children and their families more frequently at the start of treatment (e.g., every 2-3 weeks).

    This is to provide more intensive support initially while developing and getting the treatment program underway. We then gradually lengthen the time between sessions (e.g., every 3-6 weeks depending upon the child’s progress, the family’s budget, and how confident you feel in being able to continue the strategies between sessions). Because we are not seeing families on a weekly basis (like many treatments), it is crucial that parents and teachers continue to work on the strategies every day with the child in order to help improve their anxiety. We recommend that the school has a consultation with the therapist every four weeks.