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A 3-hour webinar for primary and preschool teachers, school Psychologists, and learning support teams.
A 3-hour webinar for teachers and parents covering strategies for teens with Selective Mutism in High School.
A 1-hour in-service style webinar providing all educators with an overview of the do’s and don’ts of managing Selective Mutism.
A 1.5-hour webinar providing strategies to help preschoolers with Selective Mutism transition to school.


Dr Elizabeth Woodcock is the highly esteemed Clinical Psychologist and the Director of the Selective Mutism Clinic and MindBox Psychology. Armed with a Bachelor of Psychology, Masters of Clinical Psychology and a PhD from the University of NSW, she brings over two decades of expertise to the field, navigating the intricate realms of child and adult mental health through her work. With the help of resources such as these accessible across the globe, Elizabeth envisions a world where Selective Mutism is not only understood but compassionately addressed on a broader scale.

Elizabeth’s passion for the treatment of Selective Mutism is deeply rooted in her extensive experience, having encountered or supervised nearly a thousand cases spanning from clients in their late 2’s to adulthood. A nationally-recognised innovator in the field, she is the first author of the chapter ‘Treatment Programmes for Children with Selective Mutism’ in the seminal book ‘Innovations and Advances in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy,’ edited by D. Einstein in 2007. She has been interviewed multiple times by journalists for news articles, podcasts, and tv shows about Selective Mutism. Beyond her clinical endeavours, Elizabeth actively shares her wealth of knowledge through a series of nine training webinars on Selective Mutism. These dynamic sessions cater to diverse audiences, including but not limited to early childhood educators, primary- and high- school teachers, parents, speech pathologists, and psychologists. Through these initiatives, she seeks not only to disseminate invaluable insights but also to fuel a collective vision of reaching more individuals affected by Selective Mutism.

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