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    Cathy Wilson

    Cathy is a certified practising speech pathologist, registered with Speech Pathology Australia. She graduated in 2009 from Trinity College Dublin and has worked in the United Kingdom and Australia in school and clinic settings, providing speech, language, and communication intervention to a diverse paediatric client group. She is experienced in providing telehealth and outreach services as a speech pathologist.

    Cathy enjoys working with young people and their families, with a focus on client-centred therapy and meaningful communication goals. Cathy is a neurodiversity-affirming clinician and believes in strengths-based and interest-led approaches. Cathy has a special interest in Selective Mutism and has completed training in this area. She enjoys working alongside psychologists and other allied health to develop communication skills in the context of emotional well-being.

    When Cathy is not working at the Selective Mutism Clinic, she supports paediatric clients in all areas of speech, language, and literacy. She is a Hanen-certified practitioner and enjoys teaching parents to support early language development. She works in schools, supporting students and collaborating with educators, and loves working with her growing caseload of teenagers, keeping up with the communication expectations of school, friendships and technology.