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    We live interstate. Is it necessary to come to Sydney for the assessment?

    A face-to-face assessment can be beneficial because it allows the psychologist to meet you and observe your child’s level of anxiety. The psychologist can also demonstrate how to conduct one of the main treatment strategies, ‘Sliding In’, to you in that session. However, we recognise that the cost of airfares and accommodation for a family can be expensive, and our program is just as successful for those families who do not have a face-to-face assessment. For families in our Outreach program, we have many handouts and a video to show how to do one of the main strategies called ‘Sliding In’ and we find that this is sufficient to train the parent and the classroom teacher in how to use this strategy.

    For remote families, during the phone or Zoom sessions with the parent (the child is not included), we teach the parent strategies to teach their child about anxiety and how to help the child work on building their communication at home and at school. The ‘school program’ is pretty much exactly the same as for clients in Sydney, as we provide all of our support to schools via regular phone consultations with the classroom teacher and other relevant school personnel. We have a phone consultation with the classroom teacher every 4 weeks and teach the classroom teacher (through discussion, handouts, and videos) how to do ‘Sliding In’ with the child and parent at school, and also how to build the child’s communication in the classroom.