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    I am kindergarten teacher of a student with selective mutism. I have no experience supporting a student with selective mutism and was hoping you could recommend professional readings I could undertake to extend my knowledge and improve my teaching practice to best support the student.

    There are a few options for you:

    1) A good resource is the ‘Selective Mutism Resource Manual’ by Wintgens and Johnson

    2) Our clinic runs regular 3-hour evening webinars for teachers about how to support students with selective mutism at school – 

    3) If you cannot make a live webinar, they are available to purchase as an online recording or in a USB package (like a DVD package):

    4) I would also encourage the student/family to engage with a Psychologist so that they can receive treatment for the selective mutism. As part of that treatment the Psychologist should support you with strategies for the classroom.