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    My child is in high school and has had selective mutism for many years. Will intervention make much difference at this age?

    The Clinic has successfully treated adolescents with a long history of selective mutism using our intensive home- and school-based program. When selective mutism persists into adolescence, it is understandable that the young person and their parents can feel stuck, discouraged or helpless about whether the condition will improve.

    They have often tried various strategies and treatments that have largely been unsuccessful, and many families have also had a period of years without treatment where they have hoped that the condition would have resolved by itself. While treatment will take longer for older children, it is never too late to get help. Not only is it possible for the child to start communicating more freely with peers and adults but treatment can have enormous benefits in terms of enhancing the adolescent’s current and future quality of life, including vocational study and employment, living independently, and building friendships and intimate relationships.