Advanced strategies for parents of children with selective mutism

This will be run again in 2022


This 3-hour webinar/workshop is for parents, carers, and family members who have completed the introductory ‘How to help your child with selective mutism’ and are ready for more advanced strategies to help their child become a confident communicator at school and in other social settings.

Selective mutism can completely resolve with treatment, but usually requires 1 to 2 years of treatment in order to do so. Parents play an important role in helping the condition to eventually resolve as they can practice communication with their child in a variety of social situations and help their child learn the necessary emotional and social skills to progress with their treatment.


Topics that are covered in the workshop:

  • Review of the key treatment concepts in SM treatment, including stepladders, using the ‘5 stages of communication’ and the ‘Communication changers’
  • An in-depth look at the steps to build communication with the classroom teacher and others after ‘Sliding In’. 
  • Specific goals to work on in various social situations outside school, such as the shops, in each Stage of communication
  • Using Stage 4 strategies to build a child’s communication with others, including using talking buddies and electronic devices
  • How to facilitate Stage 5 communication strategies and then progress to advanced Stage 5 strategies
  • Advanced strategies such as ordering items at the shops and interviewing relatives
  • Building your child’s communication with peers during playdates
  • Skills to teach your child about emotions
  • Managing your own emotions as a parent and how our emotions impact our children
  • Teaching your child strategies to manage anxiety
  • Working towards ‘whole-class’ talking – using a stepladder for presenting news
  • Sliding In, and building your child’s communication with relatives or others over video
  • Strategies to help optimise your child’s transition to school or to a new school year


The workshop is recommended for:

  • Parents/carers and relatives of children with Selective Mutism who have completed the introductory 3-hour workshop or webinar ‘How to help your child with selective mutism’. If you have not completed the introductory workshop please see details here for how to register for the workshop or purchase an online recording or a copy of the webinar in a USB package.


About the presenter:

The webinar is conducted by Dr Elizabeth Woodcock, a Clinical Psychologist, who established and is the Director of the Selective Mutism Clinic in Sydney. She is co-author of the book chapter ‘Treatment Programmes for Children with Selective Mutism’ in the book ‘Innovations and Advances in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy’ edited by D. Einstein (2007). Elizabeth has worked in both private practice and the public sector, in both research and clinical settings for over fifteen years. Elizabeth provides treatment for children and adults with a range of clinical disorders, and regularly provides training seminars for teachers, parents, and clinicians about Selective Mutism.


The workshop will be held in the Crows Nest Centre, at 2 Ernest Place, Crows Nest. The centre is a 15-minute walk from St Leonards’ train station, and close to buses. Click here to go to the Crows Nest Centre website. 

The workshop will be repeated as a webinar on the Thursday 3rd June following the workshop from 5.30pm to 8.30pm.


Holtermann Street Car Park is just behind the Crows Nest Centre: the car park offers up to 2 hours’ free parking; the cost for the third hour is $8.20, and $6.20 per half hour thereafter. There is ample parking in the streets surrounding the centre, although please carefully check the time restrictions.


The seminar price is $150. Cancelled bookings can be transferred but not refunded. 


To register, please click on the link below to pay via Paypal or credit card. This will add the relevant items to your basket, then navigate to the basket and follow the links. Alternatively you can pay over the phone by calling our reception on (02) 9438 2511 or emailing the clinic.  

Please indicate in the order notes when booking if you would like to attend the live workshop or the evening webinar. 


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Advanced Workshop – Parents of children with selective mutism (3 hrs)

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